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tv   News  ABC  October 3, 2013 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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employees feel like law make verse abandoned them. some businesses are showing support. many are offering federal workers a great deal. at the dairy in bel air you can get a free ice cream by showing your federal id. you can is a slice of pizza if pat's in edgewood. giving away a free slice of cheese pizza to anyone with a government id. a lot of the customers come in dress asked ready to go. after the full pizza and ice cream get your hair did or done. nvs salon in bel air is offering a complementary shampoo and blow dry to furloughed workers. if you know of a business offering a shutdown deal, help us add it to the list and let us know about the deals by shouting out to us on facebook. 6:35 right now. and a great story to tell you about. by the age of 10, he was deaf. but thousands of people heard jacob's message. the charity cyclist is home after riding over 10,000 miles
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to every major league baseball stadium. landis was just short of his goal when he was knocked off of his bike by a tractor-trailer. however, he's healing and he's impressing people who welcomed him home in annapolis. deaf at the age of 10 jacob raised over $150,000 to help others get cochlear implants. >> the biggest thing for the kids to know that nothing can hold them back. to have a disability but only serves them well because they have to work harder to understand the information. if they can do that they can do anything they want. >> jacob wanted to help others because he had cochlear implants as a child and so that's what he's raising money for. now the grants are matched about 15 people will be given an implant thanks to jacob's hard work. we have information on our website. if you want to learn more about jacob landis and his great journey. we'll be right back.
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thank you for joining us this morning. the final report on the death of "glee" star cory monteith has been released. the coroner's report finds the 31-year-old died of a mix of heroin and combined with alcohol. that's what led to his death. now monteith was found dead in a vancouver hotel room there british columbia, canada back in july. he had a history of substance abuse. his death has been ruled accidental. if you haven't heard yet. "scandal's" new season premiere is tonight right here on abc2. and in celebration of it saks fifth avenue unveiled the window displays inspired by the character on the show. "scandal" centers open the character olivia pope played by kerry washington. she happens to be having an affair with the president of the united states. so the mannequins are all wearing clothing that are by the designers that have been used on the show. well-dressed people on the show.
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this display is in new york city, there are also "scandal" inspired windows at the saks store in chevy chase, maryland. watch "scandal" tonight 10:00 right here on abc2. well, actress mia farrow hints the "vanity fair" the only biological son she had with woody allen may be the son of frank sinatra. 25-year-old ronan farrow is reportedly close to the late singer's family. a rep for woody allen calls it fictitious and absurd. no paternity test was ever done. and chelsea clinton is now ready the start a family. in an interview with "glamour" magazine she wants 2014 to be the year of the baby. the baby would be bill and hillary clinton's first grandchild and there you go. the clintons little clan getting a little bigger. how about that? lynette? oh sounds good i like it. all right, also you might like the weather too today. because these temperatures are definitely going to soar as we go into the afternoon. i'll tell you how hot it's
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going to get coming up. >> and lynette let's go to howard county i'm going to blame you for the malfunctioning traffic light. there's an issue on 295 and 959 just developed. that's -- 95 that just developed. that's all coming up after the break. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive.
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on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive. good morning everyone. let's start you with a look out in bel air this morning. where we are starting to see some daylight and we do have that sunrise at 7:05 the morning. we're going to have a nice day on tap and it's going to be dry. and also very warm. this morning, already mild. temperature in glen burnie at 63-degrees. it's 58 in parkton and 59 right
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now in bel air. as we go through the rest of today, temperatures are going to warm up very nicely. maryland's most powerful radar dry and this is how we plan our day. so around 8:00 that temperature at 64 degrees. lots of sunshine will prevail throughout the day. and 3:00, 85 degrees and still dry and still very warm. by the time we hit 7:00. let's get a check of the traffic now with mike. thanks lynette. good morning everybody. i know you can't even read what that says. howard county we go i was trying to sound local by saying houk. forget it. jessup right now. this is a traffic light out affecting waterloo road and poke folk avenues. just know that this morning. 95 northbound right past exit 35 there's a crash right there and also 295 northbound near annapolis road. also another crash. now the dole with these to cashes are -- two crashes are we're not seeing buck tie-ups on the major roadways. that's good news.
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83 at shawan road looking good. the maryland commuters down to the jfx a-ok. so go now. let's take a look at the key bridge and speeds around 40 miles per hour. that's looking good and volume picking up right now at 695 at the baltimore national pike and speed time asks drive times and all that jazz looks great this morning. another check on traffic and weather together coming up in just a little bit. in baltimore county a body found in a wooded area near robert e. lee park. this is a live look at the scene. sitting along falls road. that body was found about a mile away in the woods along copper hill road. homicide detectives are on the scene. they are not confirming the nature of the death. once again this near robert e. lee park. we're going to have updates for you throughout the morning on air and online. we'll have check-ins for you throughout the course of "good morning america" and on white house meeting did not get us any closer to the government reopening and today the president will travel to rockville in an effort to give a face to those who are affected by the shutdown. roosevelt leftwich is live this morning with a prevow of what
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the president is doing. >> reporter: the president is going to visit this place right here. m. louise construction. it's very busy already this early in the morning. trucks carrying asphalt out of the plant in rockville. the business is based if baltimore and one of the largest minority and woman owned construction firms in the area. jay carney says the company is an example of a business that's grown in recent years because interest rates have been low and businesses can borrow cheaply to expand. now yesterday the with congressional leaders the try to find common ground on the budget but there was no progress at that meeting. the administration fears if the government shutdown continues for any period of time and if the government defaults on the debt ceiling in two weeks it would harm small businesses. m. louise employs about 200 people and does millions of dollars in business each year. the company has paved roads in and around maryland and also throughout the region. the time for projects that could be put on hold by state
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and local government if this all drags on. once again the president will be in the area at 10:30 here in rockville. all that traffic will probably stop around 10:30 so expect a lot of delays as president visits this area. reporting live in rockville, roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. as megan just said the president met yesterday with the top four congressional leaders at the white house. trying to find a way to get out of this stalemate for the continued government shutdown. we learned last night the hour long meeting didn't produce any real solutions with house speaker john boehner saying the president onlyants a straight budget with no proposals involving the health care law. harry reid said he and fellow democrats are through playing the little games end quote. the president says he will not negotiate with republicans until they agree to fund the government with no strings attached adding that he blames speaker boehner for the continued stalemate. >> the only thing that's stopping them is that john
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boehner right now has not been willing to say no to a faction of the republican party that are willing to burn the house down because of an obsession over my health care initiative. >> and what proved to be one of the more bizarre turns on the house floor wednesday. california democrat george miller repeatedly accused the gop of quote waging jihad against the american people. the congressman was eventualry ruled out of order for his extreme remarks. one said miller should be formally censured but i will not call for it end quote. the debt ceiling is coming up on october 17th meaning the current government shutdown could carry on a few more weeks. 81 fallen firefighters are to be honored the weekend but the government shutdown forced a change in location. the national emergency training center in emmitsburg is closed.
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and it's the home of the national fallen firefighters' memorial. the vigil will be held saturday evening at the basilica. changing venues could cost more than $100,000 by the way. all right, still finding delays in our state with the new online marketplace for health insurance. technicians pinpointed the cause of the congestion. so when people create an account, they are routed to a federal questionnaire to give information. and verify their identity. the log jam is occurring during that process. so about 130,000 people have visited the site and it's unclear when the problem will be resolved but we'll keep you posted. today texas state senator davis is expected to announce her bid for governor of the lone star state. she's famous for the nearly 13 hour filibuster against a bill on abortions. on the eve of the announcement
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davis' trailed her main gop rival by just # 8%. no democrat has won a statewide office in the state of texas since 1994. well today is the last day for the 9/11 victims to apply for compensation. the number of applicants has soared with people who have illnesses that might be related to toxic fallout from the attacks. more than 32,000 people have applied to the federal compensation fund so far. as recently as late june, fewer than 20,000 people had applied. well, we claimed him as our own but his work was known all over the world. tom clancy the man who wrote books passed away. the 66-year-old died at a baltimore hospital. he went from an insurance salesman to become one of the best writers of all time. 17 of his nfls appeared -- novels appeared on the "new york times" best seller list. the cause of death has not within released and we'll keep you posted on what we find. crime doesn't stop when the
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time -- when the clock runs out. that's for sure. and that means police officers in baltimore have to work overtime and they are racking it up. some are making a huge amount a surprising amount of money. but abc2 news investigator joce sterman found out that not all of it is being talked about. >> reporter: the police department tells us they spent $25 million in overtime last fiscal year. but we found the total is actually much higher. tonight at 11:00 abc2 news investigators dig into overtime spending for the men and women who protect you in baltimore. and some of them are making a chunk of change bringing in tens of thousands of dollars just in ot. but does all that work put safety at risk? we're raising the question with city leaders and police. also asking why the city leaves out millions in overtime for certain things when it talks about overall spending. tonight at 11:00 find out why cops are making more than the mayor and even their boss. and what overtime doesn't count toward the number they share with the public.
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joce sterman, abc2 news. her story coming up tonight. go to where you can see comparatively where some of the city leaders rank when it comes to some of the police officers she was talking around. the government shutdown has deprived us but fret not. the maryland zoo's got you covered with lion cam. the youngest female lion at the zoo has installed to give you a behind the scenes look at the lion area and also helping zoo keepers monitor the area when the zoo is closed. getting used to the camera, she's a ham. kind of like lynette. that would be hello. >> all right everybody. all right let's talk about what's going on right now. satellite and radar not a whole lot in maryland. but back to the west plenty of cloud cover and from the clouds we are dealing with showers across that area. even further out west, yes, they are dealing with the rockies in the front range and heavy snow at that. but let's take you outdoors right now and manchester, nothing like that. we are nice and dry.
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it's a beautiful start to the day. and it's going to continue that way with lots of sunshine in the forecast for us. and in terms of temperatures this morning we're in the upper 50s in teachesville and we have 63-degrees right now in pasadena. 60 shadyside. good morning edgewood at 59 and easton you're coming in right around 61 degrees as of now. high pressure is in control of the weather. this will begin to move more to the east and we'll get more return flow and that's really going to warm the temperatures up for today. tomorrow the day after that. and also will be slightly more humid. now speaking of the humidity let's head to the tropics. this area of disturbed weather is pushing into the gulf of mexico. the next few hours now we could be seeing tropical storm karen. and with this, well, we're going to get plenty of moisture moving in hopefully the models are definitely predicting that as we go through time. so time meaning the end of the weekend early next week. moisture from karen that will definitely be a good thing accompanied with a cold front. we will stay dry for today. as we look at abc2's most
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accurate future trend. and this is what it looks like 85 degrees and as we want to send in a beautiful picture. make sure you do it to @abc2weather. let's get a check of the traffic now with mike. just an fyi. we were talking about this. falls road at copper hill and walnut road. police activity of course this morning. the 2 crew on the scene of this. 295 northbound near annapolis road. this is an accident and i want to show you the delays past annapolis road as you go towards the city. notice we're really starting to see our speeds tie up right up towards 695 and 95 past the airport. just know that this morning. you're going to certainly see some tie-ups well south of the city. notice again 295 as you go past the stadiums looking really good. 95 northbound past exit 35 also an accident. that's tying the speeds up. and now let's address the north side of the beltway. also seeing congestion building. this is 695 at providence road both the inner and outer loops
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seeing some volume. delaney valley road beyond that to 795 all seeing some delays this morning. tough commute. another check on traffic and weather inside "good morning america" guys. top stories today. republicans today plan to continue pursuing their latest strategy to end the panel government shutdown. they'll continue muscling bills through the house to restart popular programs like funding for veterans and paying national guards and reserve members. democrats are demanding the entire government be reopened not just the piecemeal programs. a church group is involved in a fatal bus crash in tennessee had just attended an annual fall jubilee featuring singers and speakers. on the way home this happened. the bus lieu a tire and that led to a three vehicle fiery crash that killed eight people. none of the victims have been identified and church members say that they are waiting for more details this morning. also this morning, a fiery crash of one vehicle sent tesla stocks falling wednesday. the video went viral showing a fully electric tesla model s.
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on fire in sat. tesla -- seattle. tesla said the car's battery pack was ignited. they out the it had automatic alert system warning the driver to pull over. much more on 2 n story on "good morning america." we are also following breaking news for you this morning and remember you can always find us on and on twitter @abc2news. >> president's going to be in rockville and expect delays if you're headed that way. let's go to new york now for gma. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
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good morning, america. double-whammy. a major rainmaker on the drink of becoming tropical storm karen, headed right to the gulf coast. and another huge storm at the center of the country. up to two feet of snow on the way. sam is tracking the latest. and breaking news. tragedy at sea. at least 78 dead in a massive
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ship wreck off the coast of sicily. more than 150 people rescued at this hour after jumping into the watero escape the fire onboard. keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. >> american radio legend, casey kasem, in a vicious feud. his wife versus the rest of his family. millions at stake. get ready, america. it's your chance to decide what these adorable bouncing, baby pandas will be named. panda-monium starts this morning, only on "gma." and good morning, america. take a look at that count right there. we're on day three of the government shutdown. no closer to a solution.
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so many daily activities being affected, from cashing a check to taking out a mortgage. we're seeing dangerous consequences like cutbacks in clinical trials for cancer patients. >> we showed you this astonishing picture on wednesday. a nail right through a man's heart. how he survived. we're going to hear from him this morning. every time we see that. >> it's a good story. it's a happy story. >> we'll get to that. we're going to begin with the weather and the two, major storms brewing at this hour. i know you've been tracking them, sam. >> it's a lot. one thing that's not shut down, is the weather pattern. we have one tropical system in what's been a quiet season. and we have a big snowmaker in part of the country. let's start with video first. miami, i'm going to show you pictures of last night's rain. this was not that system. but it was loosely wrapped around the northern edge of that system. and i'm showing the rest of the country the rain you got in
6:58 am
western dade last night, in the six to eight rainfall range. this is what we're expecting on the gulf coast. and there will be heavy rain on the eastern seaboard, monday and tuesday next week. let's deal with what this system is actually spreading in here. you can see there's an awful lot of rain that comes up around the gulf coast. most of the models are targeting that system to make it towards the gulf coast by the time we get to the weekend. at the same time, there's a system off the west that is pushing in cold air to replace the record warmth that's been sitting in the middle of the country. this is going to be two things with this. a powerful line of thunderstorms that will include tornadoes today possibly, and more than likely tomorrow, as the cold front sets up the strong boundary. areas of red, minneapolis, kansas city, wichita involved in that. and then, an area of blizzard-like conditions and snow. one to two feet of snow in places like the western dakotas. working in the middle of wyoming, montana, also in
6:59 am
western colorado. this is a lot to watch. most of the country will be focused on weather maps, all the way through the first part of next week. stay up with your local abc stations for each of those. tropical situation in the gulf coast and parts of the east. and snowmaker in the west. >> thanks. the latest of the government shutdown. three days in, the consequences are spreading across the country. but neither side in washington is budging yet. jonathan karl covering it from the white house. the congressional leaders went to the white house last night. but not much seemed to happen. >> reporter: that's right, george. day three. the president had that meeting. but there's no end in sight. even after spending over an hour talking with the president in the oval office, speaker of the house john boehner, simply, the president refused to negotiate. >> the president reiterated one more time tonight that he will not negotiate. i would hope that the president and my democrat colleagues in the senate would listen to the american people and sit down and


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